Sakashi Ryujin

Draconic Cat Monk with a mysterious power


STR: 24
DEX: 18
CON: 15
INT: 12
WIS: 14
CHA: 10

AC: 25
BAB: 5

Pershalan Heritage:
+4 to Balance, Climb, Freefall. +2 to Jump.

Half-Gold Heritage:
Immune Sleep, Paralyse
Immune Fire
HD Up one class.
Breath Weapon
30’ Cone of fire, 1/Day, DC 20, 6d10

Rager Template:
Bull’s Strength, 3/day
Cure Moderate Wounds, 3/day
Ignore Jump height restrictions
+10 to Jump
Reckless – Below 50% HP, -1 morale penalty to attacks and AC
Blood Thirsty: Make a will save (DC 20) to do subdual damage or not attack the maximum number of opponents
At 0 hp or less, goes into a coma until brought to 50% HP
Dragon’s Blood
Undead within 60’ are always aware of the Rager’s location
Infernal Temper: If taunted, humiliated, or misses a skill roll by more than 5, the rager must make a will save vs. DC (10 + amount skill roll as missed by) or receieve a -1 morale bonus on all checks until a skill succeeds by more than 5.


Sakashi Ryujin

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