Skillogalee Penwortham III

Forger, thief and morally unchecked


5’ 11” Male Siarran (4 arms on torso)

Wizard/Thief – level 3/7


STR 10; DEX 20;CON 10;INT 14 WIS 10;CHA 16;


Alertness, Point Blank Shot, Rougish Weapons, Light Armour, Wizard Weapons, Tech Proficieny.

Class Abilities

Sneak Attack, Evasion, Uncanny Dodge.


House Ruil, was a low ordered, traditionally militaristic House of the the world Fouvgren. In their efforts to rise above their station, House Ruil shied away from their roots of military might and turned their attention to the arcane world and hired Caldaras Truy Dernoi, a Master Wizard to train and Underling that they might use.

Larfon Dalty’s father was wary of the offer to take his son away from his artisan studies, where it should be said he displayed great talent in crafting ornate stone and woodwork for sale in the local markets. He could however not defy the wishes of a superior House and so entrusted the care of his son to House Ruil.

At first it appeared that Larfon’s skill with craft would transfer to the magical as he quickly grasped rudimentary spells, however as time moved on he failed more frequently while the other Adepts in the class grew in power and unity against the slow. Failure was not looked upon kindly and was met by punishment that was only to eager to serve as a reminder of this fact.

The master Wizard soon grew tired of his new play things and after only two years he announced he was leaving to take up a position in one of the other Houses. Not one to suffer such indignity lightly, the ruling echelon of House Ruil worked quickly to salvage something their reputation offered Larzfon an opportunity to redeem himself – Kill his Master, the method could be of his chosing but it had to be soon.

This idea was not as unpleasant to Larzfon as it once would’ve been, the idealistic artisan having been berated and beaten away at his Master’s hands. It seemed strangely easy to plan a multitude of deaths and yet none seemed quite suitable. After weeks of pondering, each new punishment now softened by the fact that his tormentor would soon see what his handiwork had crafted, Larzfon finally settled upon the most fitting of ends.

In his last days in the employ of House Ruil, Master Dernoi was suprised to see Lazrfon doubling his efforts to study, often working through the night. Silently pleased that his efforts were not in vain he allowed Larzfon to help arrange transport for his belongings for shipping so that it might arrive in time for his new tenure.

Happy that the repugnant physical labour was taken care of he drank again from his goblet as Larzfon cleared away the remnants of lunch and then laid out his travelling robes on the bed.

Strange.”, he thought to himslef, “I must be shrinking in my elder years.” as he realised the robes seemed longer than he remembered.

More soon, am tired now

Skillogalee Penwortham III

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