After following a lead relating to the Dead Cannon and the Rogue ISPD Agent Shenzobanen to proceeded to a remote Dwarvern Mining Asteroid where you encountered a room full of Dwarvern Zombie-like creatures. After decimating their numbers the party tried to make good their escape but were trapped by a rather large and evil Black Dragon who appears to have been responsible for the Dwarven victims. During the ensuing exciting battle, a few characters had a near death experience but ultimately were able to esacpe when Simon managed to fight his was past the Zombie-creatures to the large temple like chamber in the middle of the main cavern. Opening the door resulted in the release of a strange tenticalled horror and in so doing also created a localised malignant link to the Far Realm. The ensuing opening began to break apart the asteroid station and through one of the large cracks a large horrific Cthulu like tentacle reached out and pulled the dragon into the newly forming rift.

As the party made their escape the asteroid imploded leaving behind an inter-cosmic malignancy into the Far Realm. Ensuing reports have now indicated that the Malignancy is growing and sucking in everything that it touches or goes near it. Asteroids, debrie, ships etc. Long distance monitoring also reports strange horrific creatures emerging from the malignancy and dissappearing into space. Those who have witnessed the emergence of these creatures have been driven mad.

After returning the starbase Eplisom Setti 1, and reporting it to the Base Commandant one Commandandt Loranthar Elifstar, a renowned member of the Royal Exploration Service who had accepted a posting to this star base in the Esmer Sector (the Green Dragon) to gain intelligence against the Imperial enemy.

During the visit to the star base, Simon accepted a bounty hunting job which saw the party make their way to the planet surface below to track down a rogue assassin who had been causing trouble in the local area. The reward would be 20 000 credits if she was brought back for trial. No further details were asked for or given.

The party proceeded to the jungle like planet the party began to make their way to the site where Dexsie’s scanners indicated the lone life signature was located. Enroute the party was stalked and attacked by a small pack of draconic-wolf like creatures, however these were defeated in a blaze of gun-fire and grenade fire which saw the surrounding jungle set a-light. Sakashi in a rare feat of clumsiness dropped a grenade at his feet but was saved by Simon who dived and threw it into the undergrowth.

After dealing and over-kill of death to the four creatures (who had defied Dexsie’s scanners to locate) the party proceeded to the cave entrance where shortly after arriving the life sign dissappeared. Searching the cave the party came accross several rooms that could have been the scenes of traps and a mysterious manta-ray alter before making their way through a tight squeeze into the large central chamber, the roof of which was covered by a breed of immature cloakers. Detecting no evil Kaem ascended to get a closer look and spooking one of the cloakers into a reaction cause Skilligalee to fire in self defence before diving out of the room. The gun fire set-off the remaining cloakers (about 200 in all) who began to form a funnel of cloakers flying about a central podium. It was a this time the Sakashi made his entrance under a hail of incendary grenades which rocked the funnel formation, and followed by Simon who’s Mind-Blast stunned the collum of cloakers into flopping all over the floor. El-el entered shortly after and casting Blade Barrier diced and sliced the prone cloakers into little itty bitty pieces.

It was then the “owner” of the house made her presence know by first grabbing Simon and teleporting him out “night crawler style” and dropping him over a “bottom-less” pit. Quick action saved simon as he increased his size by 100% enabling him to catch the edges of the hole just as Sakashi appeared in mid-air above him and luckily his strength was enough to catch Sakashi before both plummetted into the black depths. Kaem was next to dissappear into a sealed room but quick action again, he caught the figure with Tasha’s hideous laughter followed by a Hold Person. In an attempt to interrogate the Elven rogue assassin-now-prisoner, Kaem at first burned her arm, then shot her in the leg, but she refused to give up any information except to ask “Who were they” who had come into her home and attacked her soldiers without provocation.

It was at this time Sakashi arrived with his Shatter Glove and started to try to break through the stone rubble blocking Kaem’s exit. This however caused the cavern to start to collapse and a large rock fell and killed the prone assassin. Quickly gathering up her remains the party made their way back to the Arrowing, but not before Skilligalee discovered a data pad hidden in the cavern complex.

The party took the prisonerback to Epsilom Setti 1 and handed her over to the authorities who paid the reward as she was locked away. It was then they discovered that she had infact been assassinating high ranking members of the Imperial circuit and feeling that she may actually be on their side, the party used some “suggestion” to ensure they had one last chance to see her and find out who she was and what she was doing.

No trusting her previous attackers she was again reluctant to give up information but indicated that if the party were who they claimed, then the information contained on the datapad may assist them, however it was at this point before further information could be gleaned that Kaem used escape magic in a restricted area and set off the alarms. Guards entered to secure the area shortly before the arrival of Lord Shul. Who had just arrived at the station from a tip-off from an informant on the station that the characters he was seeking had turned up. It should be noted that Commandant Elifstar was arrested under suspicion of treason to the Emperor and Lord Shul took control of the space station.

After some brief interchange of dialogue Sakashi attacked Shul and battle ensued again. Lord Shul’s strength and protection seemed to hold off most attacks against him but the guards didn’t fare as well again the True Strike, Flame Stricks, Holy Words and other smiting attacks. It was at this point a deaf and blind Simon called for Dexsie to come around and blast a hole in the side of the space station allowing an escape route. The explosive decompression sucked all but a few players out leaving Lord Shul still locked in mortal combat with Sakashi with Skilligalee sneaking up behind. El-el, and Simon were sucked into space along with Jinna (the prisioner) but Kaem flew out to save them and deposited them safely in Dexsie.

As Skilligalee made his attack against Shul, Shul opened a dimension door behind Sakashi and kicked him into space and turned his attention to the four armed sneak. Skilligalee made to run and dive out of the station into the awaiting dexsie when he tripped and landed on the floor at Shul’s feet. Shul grabbed the prone rogue and both dissappeared.

A quick scry told them that they had appeared on the Bridge of an approaching battle cruiser a short time later and Kaem went off in pursuit. Dexsie was getting nervous as the battle cruiser made a lock on her with missiles and fired.

Meanwhile on the bridge of the battlecruiser Skilligalee made an attempt to escape but was shot for his efforts but Kaem appeared, grabbed him and dragged him back into space, aboard the Dexsie (who had by now picked up a floating Sakashi) and just as the 3 missiles were about to reach Dexsie the arrowing Star-casted away allowing the 3 missiles to strike and destroy the space station.


Not bad for a night’s work.

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